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'Mudgeeraba Uniting' Tagged Posts


In the midst of a severe drought Aussie farmers are doing it tough. Standing alongside them are Bush Chaplains, provided through Frontier Services, an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia. “Our Aussie Farmers are doing it really tough. With flooding in Northern Queensland, to bush fires down in Tasmania, and drought gripping over 50% of the country, some farmers say it’s the worst weather conditions they’ve ever experienced in their lifetime. These recent natural disasters have had a devastating…

What was it like Mary?

What was it like Mary, to see your boy, your precious boy hanging on that cross, shamed and dying? You knew it from the beginning didn’t you, that your boy was different, set apart? The angel had told you so, but did you really expect it to end like this, you who bore him in your womb, you who cradled and cuddled him and nursed him at your breast; you who taught him and trained him, guided and disciplined him?…

What God Wants

Not only is it part of our human nature, we are conditioned by the constant bombardment of advertising  and media stories to think that life is all about us…. our wants, our needs, our way of doing things. This even can translate into our expectations in worship. Worship becomes what we want out of it, rather than what we give, or, to put it another way, what God wants from us. So ingrained is our thinking that life is all…

Christmas Services at MUC

It was standing room only at the MUC Christmas Eve service where participants were treated to a very entertaining evening of story, song, puppets and a nativity re-enactment performed by adults and children. On Christmas morning the congregation joyfully celebrated the birth of Jesus and heard how this action of God in coming among us in the Son was one of vulnerability,  self-giving and humility.