Sermons from March 2019

Sermons from March 2019

Standing firm- no turning back

In this message we look at the incident recorded in Luke 13: 31-35, where Jesus is encouraged by some Pharisees to ‘get out of town’ because Herod apparently wanted to kill him. But Jesus stood firm, resolute, determined to do what he was ordained to do. What about us?

The first temptation of Christ

In this message we look at the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, as it is recorded in Luke 4: 1-13. We consider how Jesus withstood the onslaught from the devil and are encouraged to apply the same principles when we are faced with the temptation to live a life other than the one the Lord has willed for us. The Youtube clip referred to in this message can be found here. The reference to the ACT decision to axe…

Holy Presence

This week’s message is about intimacy with God…those moments when we experience the presence of God in profound ways. The Gospel text is Luke 9: 28-36, the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus.