Sermons by Rev. Leo Newell (Page 2)

Sermons by Rev. Leo Newell (Page 2)


In this message we look at the sending of the twelve disciples by Jesus in Matthew 9 &10 and are reminded that proclaiming the Gospel has two forms… talking about Jesus and acting with compassion, seeking to bring wholeness to people. The whole service for Sunday June 14th can be found HERE.

Jesus’ prayer

The last Sunday in the season of Easter we consider Jesus’ prayer of protection for his disciples and Peter’s encouragement to Christians facing persecution.

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday as Jesus makes his way into Jerusalem, we ask, who is this ‘king’ who rides a donkey?

The Resurrection and the Life

The message delivered in this service on the fifth Sunday in Lent focuses on the incident of the raising of Lazarus as found in John 11. The whole service is being provide due to COVID -19 meeting restrictions.