Lord of the storm

Lord of the storm

“And they were filled with great awe and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” Mark 4: 41

They say that two things are certain in life – death and taxes. I believe a third can be confidently added to the list – storms! Now, I’m not meaning those violent thunderous weather events, although they are a certainty too. No, I’m referring to the stormy events of life that batter us, toss us about, blowing us off course, which often come unexpectedly and usually at the most inconvenient times… although is there ever a convenient time?

Being Christian does not inoculate us from the trials and tribulations of life. They are common to all people of every faith and no particular faith. What is not so common is the way we respond to these momentous events. Is there anything that ought to give believers an edge when it comes to dealing with what life throws at us? I believe so. Our help, should we trust it, comes in Jesus who is Lord of the storms.

No clearer evidence of this is found than in Mark 4: 35-41, the familiar story of the crossing of the lake, where a fierce storm threatens to sink the boat on which Jesus and the disciples were sailing. The disciples are filled with fear (it must have been a ripper of a storm to unnerve some these experienced fishermen), and they cry our in desperation to Jesus whom they find sleeping peacefully in the stern of the boat.  Jesus obviously is unperturbed by the storm, and standing up he rebukes the wind and the waves, calling for stillness, and in an instant there is dead calm. The disciples are in awe of him whom even the wind and waves obey.

Note that in this story it is not just the wind that gets a rebuke, but also the disciples for their lack of faith.  That said, they are still lovingly embraced by the Saviour. He knows our human weakness.

Here’s something I learn from this story and from life lessons. Jesus does not promise to calm every storm in your life. Jesus does promise to calm you in every storm of life. You are not saved from the storms of life, but saved in them. And in them we learn to trust. In them we learn to obey. In them we learn of his love and care. In them we learn what it means to be in awe of him who calms our fears and makes a way through them.

Leo Newell (June 2018)