Easter – It’s all about you!

Easter – It’s all about you!

I don’t know if you noticed it… but we live in a culture where we are conditioned and encouraged to believe that life is ‘all about you’… your needs, your ambitions, your desires, your freedom, your way! Be who you want to be! Live how you want to live!

The self is elevated above all else, even to the detriment of others. One need only glance at social media to see that society has embraced the narrative that it’s all about the individual. After all… this is the era of the ‘selfie’!

Such a view stands in stark contrast with the message of Jesus, and indeed the message of the Bible in general. There we read that it’s not about us at all. Christians have come to see that the Bible teaches us that it is foremost about God, and God’s will being done. Secondly, they affirm that it is about losing ourselves in following Jesus, as the Bible says. It’s about dying to self in following the one who gave up everything for us, Jesus, the Son of God.

But therein lies a strange dichotomy, for while we say it’s not about us, Easter tells a different story. Easter is all about you. Really!  Easter celebrates that God so loved the world that he sent his Son, not to join us in indulgent self-expression but to rescue us from it, in one sense. You see, our self congratulating, self-serving independence fools us with the false narrative that we can save ourselves. Reality, and the Bible, tells a different story… we simply cannot save ourselves. The beauty of the Gospel is that God reaches out in love to us and does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.  Through the Father’s action in the Son, Jesus, he takes all our feeble attempts at self-righteousness (for that is what sin is – denying and rejecting God) and bears the weight of it on the cross. Consequently, through this gracious action, we are made right with God, (righteous) if we so chose to accept that gift.

Furthermore, come Sunday we celebrate that death, the ultimate consequence of our sin, has lost its power and dominion over us, and we are assured of eternal life. As Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, the first-born of the new creation, so shall we.  That God should make this possible is the glorious message of Easter.  It’s all about you!

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